Fire Watch ES

Fire Alarm Estimating Software

Life safety systems estimator designed by life safety professionals.

Software created to simplify estimates, quotes, and proposals for all types of Life Safety Providers, including Fire Extinguisher Service, Fire Alarm Service, Sprinkler Service, and Life Safety Products.

Our Fire Alarm Estimating Software brings consistency and accuracy to the Life Safety Service industry’s quoting process.


Fire Alarm Estimating Software Features
  • Automatically populate device counts for Fire Extinguisher Service Proposals, Fire Alarm Service Proposals, and Fire Sprinkler Service Bid Sheets.
  • Ability to custom tailor your quotes, estimates, and proposals with your company name, logo, colors, and legal text.
  • Save time and money on the following:
    • Fire Extinguisher Service Quotes and Bid Sheets
    • Fire Alarm Panel Service Quotes
    • Fire Sprinkler Service Quotes
    • Hood Service Quotes
    • Life Safety Product Quotes
    • Quick Quote Option: 

      • Ability to quickly expedite the quoting process without device counts for smaller jobs.  

    • Install Builder
  • Input your company’s Life Safety Product Lines into Fire Watch ES to create drop down selections for quick Life Safety Estimates, Deficiency Service Estimates and Life Safety Annual Service Estimates.
  • Easily save, access, and share all Building Reports, DWG’s, panel type and other hardware information.

Download Fire Alarm Estimating Software

Download Fire Watch ES Estimation Software

Download Fire Watch ES Estimating Software
Mac OS X 10.9.5 or Higher

Download Fire Watch ES Estimation Software

Download Fire Watch ES Estimating Software
Windows 7 SP1 or Higher


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Fire Alarm Estimating Software Screenshots

Fire Alarm Bid Sheet

Fire Alarm Service Estimating Tab

  • Simplify estimates, quotes, and proposals for all types of Life Safety Providers.

  • Length of Contract - This can be fluctuated between 1-5 years or as a time of service when there is no contract chosen by the customer.

  • Service Due - Drop down selection includes the month when the service is due for the calendar year. 

  • Hourly Inspection Rate - This is set in the master file and is not editable on this tab. 

  • Sensitivity Testing - A drop down box is provided to include sensitivity pricing in the quote for the fire alarm smoke detectors.  The user will choose if the panel is an addressable panel or a conventional panel.  The pricing for these options will be set in the master file.  Please note that the fire alarm panel information, such as the Manufacturer and Model Number, are carried over automatically from the Client Information Tab. 

  • Special Pricing – This offers flexibility to the user in order to enter in items that are not on the master file.

  • Annunciator Count - All of the device quantities and fire alarm system optional equipment (Voice Evac, etc.) pricing is set in the master file. When you fill in device counts, the estimating software will do the work for you and estimate the dollar amount per device input. 

  • Lift Fee – Additional fees can be added here if lifts are needed for accessibility to smoke detectors, heat detectors, or duct detectors that may need to be serviced but are in locations not feasible with a ladder. 

  • Panels - On the panel corner of the Fire Alarm Estimating Tab, there is a drop down selection for a 24v or 12v system.  When checking this drop down, it affects the battery count for panels and input power supply count for automatic tally of batteries.

  • Quantities – Fill in device counts here from blueprints, building reports, or field notes.

  • Elevator Recall Relay Count - When clicking the Edit Elevator button, you will need to input the number of elevators and the number of floors.  This will automatically tally the amount of elevator relays in the building for the fire alarm service estimator to put on the proposal.

  • Fire Alarm Discount – This will allow you to take a percentage off the total package.

  • Additional Items – This allows for the addition of items currently not included on the fire alarm estimator that you would like to add to the proposal.

Fire Alarm Service Estimating Tab Video

Fire Sprinkler Layout Software
Fire Sprinkler Layout Estimator - Click to Enlarge


Sprinkler Inspection Proposal Software
Sample Proposal - Click to Enlarge

Fire Watch ES is specifically designed to complement Life Safety Service Companies that do more than one type of system service.  This allows the company to be more productive and to better manage time spent quoting Life Safety Systems.  We currently offer the following Life Safety categories in our Fire Watch ES software:

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