Stereogram Workshop
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Intel: Mac OS X 10.9.5 or Higher


Windows XP SP3, Vista or Higher

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Stereogram Workshop Features

Create Hidden Image Stereograms. Hidden image stereograms can be made from depthmaps, using several different texturing options.

Create Floating Object Stereograms. Floating object stereograms can be created using clipart from many different sources.

Built-in Depthmap Creation Tool. Grayscale depthmaps can be created using several "rubber stamp" style tools such as squares, circles, triangles and even a text tool.

Built-in Random-Dot Texture Creation Tool. Create random-dot textures with up to 6 different user defined colors, or have the software create a completely random texture for you. A fractal tool is also available for creating textures.

Includes sample depthmaps, textures, clipart and overlays.

Creating a Floating Object Stereogram.

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Sample Stereogram Workshop Output

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