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Anaglyph Depth Manipulation works because they are able to recreate the illusion of depth. Human eyes are set about two-and-a-half inches apart, so each eye sees an image slightly differently. If you take two separate photographs that same distance apart, with a suitable viewer or anaglyph image it is possible to recreate that illusion of depth with Anaglyph Depth Manipulation

There is some dispute in 3-d circles whether the Anaglyph Depth Manipulation concept was invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone who, in June 1838, gave an address to the Royal Scottish Society of Arts on the phenomena of binocularvision. He made geometric Anaglyph Depth Manipulation 3-D drawings and a device to view them called a reflecting mirror stereoscrope. 

Almost twelve years later, a Scottish scientist named Sir David Brewster invented the first anaglyph practical photographic device called the lenticular stereoscrope.

Early workers in this field include Fenton, who took photographs in Russia, when he visited there in 1852, and Jules Duboscq, who made Anaglyph Depth Manipulation, stereoscopes and stereoscopic daguerreotypes. Duboscq in turn caused Antoine Claudet to become interested in stereoscopy; Claudet patented stereoscopes in 1853. 

The stereoscope and Anaglyph Depth Manipulation took off in a big way when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert observed one at the exhibition at the Crystal Palace, and Brewster presented her with a stereoscope made by Duboscq. Almost overnight a 3-D industry developed and 250,000 stereoscropes were produced and sold in a short time. Stereographers were sent throughout the world to capture views for the new medium and feed the demand for 3-D Anaglyph Depth Manipulation. 

The golden age of anaglyph stereography had begun. From 1860 to the 1930's, the stereo cards documented life of the time and important events. A variety of viewers became available, from the simple Holmes viewer to cabinet-type viewers which could store fifty or so positives. 

The London Stereoscopic, Anaglyph Depth Manipulation and Photographic Company came into being in 1850 and continued for seventy years. 

Over the years, Anaglyph Depth Manipulation pictures have sporadically appeared in comics and magazine ads. Jaws 3-d was a box-office success in 1983. The interest in this form of 3-d still continues today, the NFT held a well-attended Anaglyph Depth Manipulation film festival. 

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