3D Maker
Software for Making Anaglyphs, Stereograms, and 3DMF Objects for Mac and Windows.

Anaglyph Software, Stereogram Software, 3dmf software for mac and pc


Mac OS X 10.3.9 or Higher
Note: To open on OS X 10.8 or higher, Control-Click or Right-Click on the application icon and choose Open from the popup menu.

(No longer officially supported)
(QuickTime Recommended)

Mac OS 9

(Does not include all features and is no longer officially supported.)

See Anaglyph Workshop  and Stereogram Workshop for our latest 3D software.

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3d deform an image into a 3dmf
Create 3DMF Objects from images

PC/MAC 3DMF Software
Click here to learn more about using 3dMaker as a 3DMF tool.



Anaglyph picture make in 3d maker
Create an anaglyph
(click here for a enlarged view)


stereogram image made in 3d maker
Create a stereogram


3dmf object made in 3d maker
Create 3DMF Objects on Mac and Windows

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