Stock Market Simulation Game

 Become the world’s largest venture capitalist by buying, selling and trading stock,
 all while trying to grow your own businesses. 

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The object of Venture, a stock market simulation game, is to acquire the most money. This is accomplished by building companies, merging companies and buying, selling and trading stock. 




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  • Three levels of computer opponents. 
  • Cross platform network play with up to four players. 
  • Many game play variations:

    • Variable board sizes. Choose from 12 to 24 columns.

    • Variable number of corporations. Choose from 4 to 10 corporations to play with.

    • Choose your starting cash for a harder or easier game.

    • Urban Renewal: Help install parks in your city.

    • Disasters: Take shortcuts to quicker profits. But watch out for the accidents those shortcuts may cause.

    • Defunct Companies: Many startup companies fail. Hopefully your company will last.


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