PC and Mac 3DMF Software
Create and Edit 3DMF 3D objects on Windows and Macintosh.

(QuickTime Recommended)

Stereogram Software
Click here to learn more about using 3dMaker for creating Stereograms.

3dmf scene for use in Real Basic
Another 3d scene example.


3dmf object make in 3d maker

3d Maker is perfect for creating 3DMF 3D objects on a Mac or Windows for use with RealBasic and Quesa Development.

3D Maker Features:

  • Create 3DMF Cones, Cubes, and Spheres with Textures

  • Modify 3DMF Textures and Colors

  • Deform 2D Images into a 3D Object

  • Add 3D Text to Images

  • Built in 3DMF Viewer

  • 3D Animated Flags

All of the below examples were made with 3D Maker:

3d mars landscape
Make a giant terrain for use in your 3d projects. Or, tile different terrains you've created together for even larger 3d scenes.
Mars photo courtesy NASA

example of 3D Maker's cube function
Assimilate 3D Maker into your software library.

3d ultrasound
Using the built in 3DMF viewer, you can show off your 3d creations! Buildings, family photos, ultrasounds, etc...  It is easy to bring photos to life!


3dmf moon made by 3D Maker for mac and windows
Create a photo realistic moon for your 3d project.

Realbasic 3dmf sphere
Make a 3DMF cloud sphere to put around all the objects in your 3d world.