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Windows 7 SP1 or Higher

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The shareware/trial version stops after 3 blind increases. The full version of Poker Tournament Hero tournament management software may be purchased for $29.95.

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Poker Tournament Hero Features:

  • Professional management for large home games to casino poker tournaments.

  • Easy to use control panel for the tournament director.

  • Keep track of blinds, antes, chips, rebuys, add-ons, breaks, players, table layouts, payouts & more.

  • Single or dual monitor/display support.

  • Easily save multiple configuration files.

  • Help and instructions.

  • Use built in audio alerts and background images, or use your own custom files. 
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  • Extensive settings and options.

  • Countdown window shows time until next blind increase, blinds, antes, players remaining, payout structure, average chip stack, custom messages and more.

  • Perfect for Texas Holdem or Omaha Tournaments.

  • Support for foreign currency symbols.

  • We appreciate your feedback. If Poker Tournament Hero isn't the best poker tournament manager software you've ever used, let us know.

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Poker Tournament Manager Software History:


It is unknown when poker tournament software was first used. It is likely that the need for a poker tournament management program originated from several different games such as texas hold'em or omaha. One of the first uses of poker management software was by large poker tournaments in the 1990s. Regarding the history of poker, one of the first records of this game was by Jonathan H. Green. In 1834 he mentions rules about a game that he calls the 'cheating game', which was being played on Mississippi riverboats with poker tournament managers. When he realized he was the first to describe this game with tournament directors, he called it professional poker.


The card game written about was played with 20 cards, a poker tournament manager to oversee the game, and a poker tournament using only the aces, kings, queens, jacks and tens. Two to four people could play the tournament, and each was dealt five cards. Poker tournament managers had to use paper, but now they can use poker management software. 

Being a poker tournament manager and the tools available have changed through the years, with the help of poker management software, many backroom or games to the present day casinos in many countries have changed. The history of poker tournaments have many famous places and characters. During the Wild West days of American history, a saloon with a poker table using paper to keep track of poker tournament manager duties were everywhere.

Today, poker tournaments and poker tournament managers are carefully regulated by gambling laws, poker tournament software, poker tournament management, and poker tournament manager software is used in home games, games for charities, poker tournaments on television and more. It has grown into a sporting event, with competitions, poker tournament manager software, and fun tournaments in most countries on earth. Tournaments using a poker manager software program take place almost every day of the year somewhere in the world.

Poker tournaments today are one of the fastest growing, but hardly recognized organized sporting events. The top of the poker tournament world, The World Series of Poker, uses poker tournament manager software and attracts poker players from all over the world.


Poker Tournament Hero

 Poker tournament mangement for large home games or professional tournaments.
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Customizable display settings and text. Custom messages for each break is also supported. Use your own pictures or a company logo for the background image. The poker tournament management timer window can be full screen or windowed.

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Adjust settings on-the-fly before and after the tournament has began. Auto calculate payouts, manually enter payouts, or enter payout percentages.

Poker tournament software that allows the tourament director complete management.
Create your custom blind schedule or use built in standard presets. 

Poker Tournament Manager Screenshots:

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Poker tournament manager screen 2.

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Poker Tournament Management screenshot 2.
With Poker Tournament Hero Poker Management Software, running multiple copies of the software at the same time allows you to manage more than one tournament at once. Works great with multiple monitor displays.

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