Support FAQ

Q: I placed an order, but I never received any notification that the order went through? Where is my serial number? Did my credit card get charged?

A: If the order had gone through you would have received an invoice on screen that would have contained your serial number. You also would have received a receipt via email. If you did not receive a serial number on screen at the time of purchase, most likely your order did not go through and your credit card was never charged. Go ahead and resubmit your order. On the off chance that you do get double billed, please contact us and we will reverse the second charge.

Q: I purchased the software, I have a serial number, how soon will I get the software? Is it being sent by mail? Is there a download available?
A: All software is downloadable from here ( All software is download only. There will not be anything sent by mail. Once you have downloaded the software you can activate all of the features by entering your serial number. Most often this can be done by running the software and choosing Register from the File menu.
Q: "I bought the software, but I cannot download or install it!"
A: If the file server is down or if there is a broken link, you should receive a "404 - Not Found" error message stating that the requested file cannot be found. If you are receiving this error please wait a few minutes and then try the download again. The server is probably receiving maintenance and will be back online shortly.

Q: I am not getting a '404 - Not Found' error, but I still cannot download the software?

A: If you are not getting a 404 error, then the file servers are functioning and the file is available for downloading. If you are still unable access the software, then the issue is likely something else. Here are the solutions for the most common problems with accessing the software:

1) "The computer claims that it doesn't know how to open the file". This is almost exclusively a Windows issue. Mac users can likely skip to solution #3. All of the Windows files on this site are compressed in the .zip format. Windows has the built-in ability to open .zip files. However, this file type can be remapped, either by the user, another compression program or a "helpful nephew". If .zip has been remapped to another program, you can try right-clicking on the file and choosing "Extract All..." or "Open With -> Windows Explorer". The exact wording will depend on what OS you have. You can also do an internet search for how to reset .zip back to the Windows default settings. Again, the exact steps will vary depending on which OS you have. Statistically, Adobe products seem to be the most common culprits involved with this issue.

2) The file downloads but opens in a 3rd party compression program. This is almost exclusively a Windows issue as well. Mac users can likely skip to the next solution. Often this 3rd party compression program is a time limited demo and as luck would have it, the trial period has already expired. In many cases, this means that the 3rd party compression program won't let our file be extracted without first buying the 3rd party program, or at least it makes it very difficult to figure out how to extract the file. If "Extract All" and "Open With" as mentioned in solution #1 doesn't work, you may need to contact the company responsible for the 3rd party compression program and ask them how to extract the file. You can also search the internet for instructions on setting the .zip file extension back to the Windows default settings.

3) "The file downloads but the icon is a blank icon and will not open". If this is the case, then make sure that you have downloaded the correct file for your OS. If you are a Windows user, the filename should end with ".zip". If you are a Mac user, the filename should end with ".dmg". If you have the wrong filename, simply go back and download the correct file for your OS.

4) "The file downloads but the computer claims the file is corrupt". If you haven't already done so, try downloading the file again. If the computer claims that the re-downloaded file is corrupt, then there may have been a brief issue with the internet connection. Corrupt downloads are not that common, but they can happen. When this happens, the web browser can keep a copy of the corrupt file in its cache and in an effort to be helpful and save you time, it will simply give you another copy of the corrupt, cached file when you attempt to re-download it. If this is happening, you will need to clear your browser's cache or use a different web browser to download the file. Steps for clearing the cache are different for every browser. Check your browser's help file for instructions on clearing its cache.

5) "The file downloads, but I keep getting the demo/unregistered version and not the version that I paid for". Choose Register from the File menu and enter your serial number. This will activate the full version that you paid for.

6) "I am clicking the download button, but nothing happens, or I am directed to another site or I am told I need to purchase something". It is possible that your web browser contains malware. Some malware will try to redirect you to a different site in order to get you to purchase their product or generate ad revenue. We do not charge anything to click the download button. If you are being told that you need to purchase something when clicking on one of our download links, please take the steps necessary to check your computer for malware. If the malware's redirect fails, it can cause it to look like our site has failed to do anything when you click the download button. One option that can worked to get around malware like this is to email yourself a copy of the download link. Then click on the link within your email program. You can get a copy of the link by right-clicking on the download button and choosing "Copy Link" from the popup menu. The exact wording of the menu will depend on the browser you are using. This work-around works best with a stand-alone email client. Removing the malware is the best option.

If you have tried all of the solutions listed above and are still having issues accessing the software, then please contact us. When contacting us, please provide as much information as possible about what you have tried and what messages you have received. The more information you provide, the faster we can help get you up and running.

Q: How do I install or uninstall the software?
To install the software on Windows:
  1. Open the .zip file that you downloaded.
  2. Run the installer included in the .zip file.

To install the software on Mac OS X:

  1. Mount the downloaded disk image.
  2. Copy the program folder to your applications folder.

To uninstall the software on Windows:

  • Open the Add/Remove Program control panel, select the software that you want to uninstall and choose uninstall. This will run the software's uninstaller.

To uninstall the software on Mac OS X:

  • Drag the software from your applications folder into the trash.
Q: I keep getting told that my serial number is invalid.
A: Try copying and pasting the serial number from the web page invoice or from your email receipt. This will eliminate any typing errors. If the software doesn't let you paste in the serial number try making sure that your are not mixing up any letter O's and the number 0's, I's, #1's, etc. Also, make sure that you are trying to register the correct version of the software. Older versions of software don't always work with newer serial numbers.
Q: How can I contact you via email?
A: If none of the above solutions resolve your problem, you can contact us at: When contacting us, please include what Operating System you are using, along with the name and version of the software that you are using.
Q: How can I contact you by phone?
A: We are unable to offer phone support. We are a group of independent software developers spread through out the USA. There is no central point for calls to be received / routed. However, you will find our email support to be very timely, especially during normal EST business hours.