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Stack'em 3D Objective: Score four spheres in a row - vertically, horizontally or diagonally in three dimensions!

General Instructions:
Use the arrow keys to rotate just the board
< and > rotate the entire scene
Use I,J,K,L to select your peg.
Press the spacebar to drop your ball.
Move the mouse cursor to select your peg and press the mouse button to drop the ball.

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Mac OS X 10.3.9 or Higher

Note: To open on OS X Mountain Lion, Control-Click on the application icon and choose Open from the popup menu.

Windows 98, XP or Higher


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Score Four Features
  • One Player vs. Computer Mode
  • Two Player Mode
  • Two Player Over Network Mode

Beginners will often overlook a simple threat to score four; it is therefore important to always check all vertical, horizontal and diagonal possibilities before making a move.

In a score four game in progress, one aims at forcing a win by making two threats simultaneously; conversely, one should prevent the opponent from doing so. As a general rule, discs played in the center columns are more valuable than border columns, because they participate in more potential four-ball lines (and accordingly limit the opponent's score four opportunities).

Among good players trying to score four, the short term goal is to connect three balls, thereby preventing the opponent from playing in a certain column. Towards the end, the game then often turns into a complex counting match: both players try to score four by forcing the other to play a certain column. In these situations, it is useful to realize that, if it's your move, then after filling an even number of places, it's still your move. Every column has an even number of places. Score four with Stack'em 3D from Sandy Knoll Software.

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