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Functionality is determined by your serial number.
No serial number is required for the Free version.

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System Requirements

  • glib 2.0

  • glibc-2.11 (32-bit)
  • glibc-2.14 (64-bit)
  • GTK+ 2.32
  • Linux Mint 16 or later
  • Ubuntu 10.04 or later
  • Debian 6.0 or later
  • OpenSUSE 11.3 or later
  • Fedora 13 Desktop or later
  • CentOS 6.0 or later (7.0 or later for x86-64)

*On 64-bit Linux installations the ia32-libs package must be installed to run


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Metes and Bound for Mac, Windows and iOS

Additional Linux Version Facts:

  • Requires an internet connection to register the software.

  • Pro version only.

  • Does not currently offer the Update Subscription Renewal plan.

  • We can offer support with how to use the software, however, we cannot answer Linux specific questions. Please verify that the software works with your setup by downloading the free demo version prior to purchasing.

Sandy Knoll Software Support FAQ
(This includes order history and lost serial numbers.)

Also see tutorial section below.

Metes and Bounds Features

Perform calculations: Square Feet, Acres, Hectares, perimeter distance and more.

Easy to use data entry form: Enter lines or curve data.

Layers: Layers allow you to have multiple deeds on a single drawing. Layers can be free floating or locked to a common starting point.

Metes & Bounds will calculate if the survey closes or not. Calculate closure errors.

Auto-Completion of drawing. If you're missing the final segment of your land plotting data, let our Metes and Bounds land plotting software finish it for you. Have a bad or missing call? Enter a question mark (?) for the call and let the software find the missing call for you. Close drawings using Bearing-Bearing Intersections and Distance-Distance Intersections.

Multiple measurement types: Data can be inputted using Feet, meters, rods, chains, varas and many other measurement types

Merge Layer: Layers can be easily merged into a single layer using the Merge Layer Tool.

Easy to use measuring tool. Estimate the distance between any two points on the screen.

Automatic labeling: Each line can be automatically labeled with the length and call. End points can be marked for easier recognition. End points can also be labeled with information like the interior and exterior angles.

Create custom, searchable labels. Labels can be rotated in 90 degree increments.

Drawings can include a call list:
Metes and Bounds Call List

Background Pictures. Background pictures can be set to scale with your plot drawing. Background picture scale settings can be automatically set using World Files.

Custom X,Y points. Use custom X,Y points to mark and label unique land features on the metes and bounds drawing.

Split a single plot into multiple plots. Split the plot by hand, or choose a starting point and let the Metes and Bounds software find the nearest halves automatically for you.

Printing: Printouts can include borders, call list, north arrow and title block.

Create section drawings:

(N 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4)


Metes and Bounds has been designed to be as compatible with as many different systems and programs as possible.

Exporting: Metes and Bounds data can be exported as DXF files, KML Files, CSV files and more.

Call lists can be formatted for importing/exporting with other deed plotting software such as Net Deed Plotter® by Greenbrier Graphics, LLC.

Real-world X,Y coordinates. Export real-world X,Y coordinates for integration with other mapping software such as GIS software.

Waypoints to metes and bounds calls. Convert a set of waypoints, x/y or Latitude/Longitude based, into a list of metes and bounds calls.

Enter Waypoints and Tracks. Add GPS waypoints and tracks to your drawings. Import GPX and KML files. Make calculations like the distance between two waypoints.

Real-world Latitude and Longitude coordinates. Enter the latitude and longitude for a plot's POB and let the metes and bounds software calculate the latitude and longitude for each of the other end points.

Metes and Bounds can be found in Genealogy Online For Dummies® -  5th Edition, by Wiley Publishing.

Metes and Bounds Tutorials:

Metes and Bounds Help:
 Linux Pro Version

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Turn Metes and Bounds data into a deed plot map.

Ubuntu 10.04 Screenshot

Sample Metes and Bounds Output

KML Output viewed in Google Earth

DXF Output viewed in a CAD program

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