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Metes and Bounds, by Sandy Knoll Software, LLC, is simply the best choice for deed plotting software. Trusted by Realtors, it offers outstanding features and a user-friendly interface. Available on Windows, Mac, and iOS, Metes and Bounds is the top solution for all your plotting needs.

Metes and Bounds for Realtors

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Our Metes and Bounds software offers realtors several specific benefits and capabilities that cater to their needs:

  1. Accurate Property Mapping: Our Metes and Bounds software allows realtors to accurately map out property boundaries and dimensions, ensuring precise representations of land parcels. This accuracy is crucial for legal and transactional purposes.

  2. Visual Property Presentation: Realtors can create visually appealing and professional property maps that enhance their marketing materials. Clear and well-presented maps help potential buyers and sellers better understand property boundaries and features.

  3. Boundary Disputes Resolution: In cases of boundary disputes, our Metes and Bounds software enables realtors to generate clear visual evidence that aids in resolving disagreements between parties. This can help prevent legal complications and ensure smoother transactions.

  4. Land Development Planning: For realtors involved in land development or investment, our software allows them to plan and visualize potential subdivision layouts, building placements, and other development scenarios.

  5. Improved Client Service: By utilizing our Metes and Bounds software, realtors can offer their clients a higher level of service by providing clear and comprehensive information about properties, boundaries, and potential land uses.

  6. Market Differentiation: Realtors who leverage advanced technology like our Metes and Bounds plotting software set themselves apart from competitors by showcasing their commitment to accuracy, professionalism, and modern tools.

In summary, Metes and Bounds deed plotting software equips realtors with the tools to accurately map and communicate property boundaries, resolve disputes, plan land development and enhance overall client service. Our software enhances their capabilities and contributes to successful property transactions.

Metes and Bounds Software

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Windows 7 SP1 or Higher


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