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Metes and Bounds, by Sandy Knoll Software, LLC, is simply the best choice for deed plotting software. Trusted by Genealogist, it offers outstanding features and a user-friendly interface. Available on Windows, Mac, and iOS, Metes and Bounds is the top solution for all your plotting needs.

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Our Metes and Bounds plotting software can be a valuable tool for individuals interested in genealogy, especially those researching their family history and tracing the ownership of land and properties over time. Here's how someone might use our deed plotting software for genealogy purposes:

  1. Visualizing Property Changes: Our deed plotting software allows users to create visual representations of property boundaries and ownership changes over time. Genealogists can input historical property descriptions and deeds to map out how land was divided, combined, or transferred within a family lineage. This visualization can help in understanding the geographical context of ancestors' lives.

  2. Mapping Family Properties: Genealogists can use our Metes and Bounds software to map out properties owned by different family members. This can provide insights into family dynamics, relationships, and migration patterns. By plotting properties on a map, users can see how family members lived in close proximity or moved over distances.

  3. Tracing Land Transfers: Our deed plotting software allows users to track the transfer of land from one owner to another. This can help genealogists follow the movement of properties within a family or between generations, aiding in building a more comprehensive family history. See our Layer Attributes feature.

  4. Understanding Historical Context: By overlaying historical maps, boundaries, and landmarks onto modern maps, genealogists can better understand the historical context of their ancestors' lives. This can include changes in county lines, city layouts, and other geographical features that may have influenced property ownership and family movements.

  5. Documenting Sources: Our deed plotting software enables users to attach scanned or digital copies of original deeds, documents, and photographs to specific properties or locations. This ensures that genealogists have a well-documented and organized record of their research findings. See our Floating Pictures feature for details.

  6. Creating Engaging Presentations: Deed plotting software can help genealogists create engaging presentations, lectures, or family history books by incorporating visual maps and diagrams that illustrate the evolution of family properties and land ownership.

Overall, Metes and Bounds deed plotting software can serve as a powerful tool for genealogists to bring their family history research to life, offering a visual and spatial dimension to their ancestral narratives.

Metes and Bounds Software

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