A Mancala Game
for Mac and Windows

 Mancala PC/MAC Shareware Game

Mancala Features

  • One Player vs. Computer Mancala game
  • Four Difficulty Levels
  • Two Player Mode
  • Different Mancala Game Graphic Themes
  • PC/MAC Cross-Platform Network Play

Mancala Board Game Screenshots From Mancala 2000

Mancala Game Screenshots

Mancala game

Mancala Game Object: To collect the most gemstones by the end of the game.

Note: The large pocket, called the Mancala, to your right is yours.

Playing Mancala: One player starts the game by clicking on the pile of gems that he wishes to start with. He then places one in each pocket to the left. Include your Mancala as a space as you place the stones in the pockets. If there are enough stones to go past your Mancala, continue placing them into your opponent's pockets. However, skip his Mancala when placing stones. If your last stone ends up in your Mancala, you get to take another turn. If the last stone you place ends in an empty pocket on your side of the board, you get to take that stone. Plus you get to take all of your opponent's stones that are in the opposite pocket and place them in your own Mancala.

Winning The Mancala Game: The game ends when all six pockets on one side of the game board are empty. The other player takes the remaining stones from his pockets and places them in his Mancala. The player with the most gems wins.

PC and Mac Free Mancala Download

Mac OS X 10.4 or Higher

Windows 2000, XP or Higher

(Serial Number required for some features.)

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