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Turn Metes and Bounds data into a deed plot map.

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Also see the Deed Plotting Video and Tutorial section below.

Easy to use data entry form. Enter lines, curves, azimuths, compass points and section calls. Data can be entered using the convenient Data Entry Form or freehand using word processor style entry. Deed plots can also be easily drawn by hand using the call drawing tool.

Background Pictures. Background pictures can be set to scale with your plot drawing. Background picture scale settings can be automatically set using World Files.

Multiple Deed Layers: Layers allow you to have multiple deeds plotted on a single drawing. Layers can be free floating or locked to a common starting point.

Perform plot calculations: Square Feet, Acres, Hectares, perimeter distance and more.

Metes and Bounds will calculate if the survey closes or not. Calculate closure errors: closing error ratios and the call needed to close the plot. Apply Compass Rule Adjustments.

The deed plot closing error analyzer tool can look for common entry or survey errors and offer suggestions on how to correct them.

Auto-Completion of drawing. If you're missing the final segment of your land plotting data, let our Metes and Bounds deed plotting program finish the mapping for you. Determine closure errors. Have a bad or missing call? Enter a question mark (?) for the call and let the deed plotting software find the missing call for you. Close drawings using Bearing-Bearing Intersections and Distance-Distance Intersections.

Multiple measurement types: Data can be inputted using Feet, meters, rods, chains and many other different measurement types. There should be a measure type for any of your real estate measurement needs.

Create section drawings:

Metes and Bounds Deed Plotting Section Map - Click download to try our deed plotter free.
(N 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4)


Easy to use measuring tool. Measure the distance between any two points on the screen.

Metes and Bounds Deed Plotter Measuring Tool - Click download to try our deed plotter free.

Automatic labeling: Each line can be automatically labeled with the length and call. End points can be marked for easier recognition. End points can also be labeled with information like the interior/exterior angles and Lat/Long coordinates.

Create custom labels. Custom labels can be rotated in any direction. Search feature can be used to find which layers contain which labels.

Call Lists: Drawings can include a call list:
Metes and Bounds Deed Plotter Call List

Custom X,Y points. Use custom X,Y points to mark and label unique land features on the deed plot.

Split a single deed plot into multiple deed plots. Split the plot by hand, or choose a starting point and let the  deed drawing software find the nearest halves automatically for you.

Merge Layer: Layers can be easily merged into a single layer using the Merge Layer Tool.

Printing: Deed plot printouts can include borders, north arrow and title block.

Customizable Toolbar: Create an interface that fits to your workflow.

Interoperability: Metes and Bounds deed plotting software has been designed to be as compatible with as many different systems and programs as possible.

Exporting: Deed Plot data can be exported as DXF files, KML Files, CSV files, Shapefiles(.shp) and more.


Metes and Bounds Deed Plotter Software DXF Output - Click download to try our deed plotter free.
DXF Output viewed in a CAD program

Metes and Bounds Deed Plotter Software KML Output - Click download to try our deed plotter free.
KML Output viewed in Google Earth

Importing: Deed Plotting data can be import from many types of DXF files, KML files, CSV files Shapefiles(.shp), GeoJSON and more.

Call lists can be formatted for importing/exporting with other deed plotting software such as Net Deed Plotter® by Greenbrier Graphics, LLC.

Real-world X,Y coordinates. Export real-world X,Y coordinates for integration with other mapping software such as GIS software.

Waypoints to metes and bounds calls. Convert a set of waypoints, x/y or Latitude/Longitude based, into a list of deed plotting calls.

Enter Waypoints and Tracks. Add GPS waypoints and tracks to your deed plots. Import GPX and KML files. Calculate things like the distance between two waypoints.

Real-world Latitude and Longitude coordinates.
Enter the latitude and longitude for a plot's POB and let the deed plotting software calculate the latitude and longitude for each of the other end points.  A plot's POB lat/long can also be set by UTM datum or World Files.

Metes and Bounds can be found in Genealogy Online For Dummies® -  5th Edition, by Wiley Publishing.

Desktop Features

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Auto Complete Drawing
Line Calls
Custom Scales
Call Lists on Drawing
Plot Splitting  
DXF Export  
Scaled Background Pictures  
Measurement Tool  
Area Calculations  
Endpoint Calculations  
Title Blocks  
Analyze Closing Errors    
Multiple Layers/Tracts/Plots    
Curve Calls    
Lat/Long, GPX, KML, Shapefiles(.shp)    
Correct Bad or Missing Calls    
Call Drawing Tool    
Section Maps 1 1 36

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v5.5.0 Beta Available

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Also see the tutorial section below.

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Mobile Deed Plotting Software

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Auto Complete Drawing
Multiple Layers/Tracts/Plots    
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Basic for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Designed for iPhone and iPad. Does not include many of the features listed on this page. Please see iOS Basic version website for feature list.
Pro for iPad
Designed specifically for the iPad. Does not include many of the features listed on this page. Please see iOS Pro version website for feature list.


Basic for Android™
Designed specifically for Android™. Does not include many of the features listed on this page. Please see the Basic for Android™ website for feature list.


See Basic for Android™ Information

Metes and Bounds Deed Plotting Tutorials

Getting Started with Metes and Bounds Deed Plotting Software

Working with Layers and Backgrounds

Working with Waypoints

Working with Labels

Estimating Layer Overlap

Working with Sections and Layers

Working with Multiple Sections

Working with Difficult Legal Descriptions

Merging Layers

Metes and Bounds Help PDF

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More About Deed Plots:  Deed plotting is a method of drawing deed plats, property or estates. Deed plotting systems have been used for centuries, and are still used for detailing property boundaries. Usually the system uses an exact location of the land deed area with directions and distances to show the boundaries of specified land. The bounds are listed in walking order around the parcel from the beginning and ending up back at that point. It may include plots of neighbor land deed parcels and could be joined with other deed maps. At the time the metes and bounds description is made, it is perhaps marked on the ground with flags or signs.

Metes is a word meaning an area defined by the length of a direction that notes the distance between points and the direction - usually N, S, W, E but other survey methods can be used for the deed plot description. Bounds means a basic boundary description, such as along a certain shoreline, road or building. This is for describing the size and shape of pieces of the property deed.

The deed plat map begins with an identified beginning point. The property description then gives the length and direction as if someone were walking the property bounds measuring the distance to the next spot where there is a change of the direction. Where shorelines are part of the land's bounds, it is often described as just a line between the points that first and last touch the water.

The direction from a point uses a compass direction (north or south followed by a degree measure out of 90 degrees and another direction west or east). For example, such a bearing might be listed as "S 38°40' E", which means that the direction is 38°40' counterclockwise, or east of south. In older deeds lengths could be listed in rods or poles instead of ft. or meters. Rods and poles are both 16.5 feet. There are four rods in a 'chain'. This comes from the first surveyors using chains 66 feet in length with which note distances.

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