The Captain's Mistress

The Captain's Mistress History: Folklore says ship Captain James Cook spent so many hours in his cabin, poring over this game's strategy, that his crew joked he had a mistress aboard - hence the name "Captain's Mistress". Each evening the Captain retired to his quarters with his ship companions and played this sophisticated version of connect four. It is a deceivingly simple connect four game for two people, but it demands concentration to play well. Taking turns, each player tries to be first to position four "rounds" (wooden balls) in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally in the "chutes", while his opponent tries to connect four first. 

Download the Free Championship Connect 4 Shareware Version for  PC
(Shareware Championship Connect Four version has some limits)

The Captain's Mistress Theme for Championship Connect Four (4) for Mac and Windows is a vertical checker computer game and is a distant relative to tic-tac-toe. Players alternate dropping their rounds down one of seven columns or 'chutes.' The object in The Captain's Mistress is to get four of your checkers in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

The Captain's Mistress Screenshot
Screenshot of The Captain's Mistress theme from
Championship Connect Four for Mac and Windows.

Championship Connect Four Features:

  • Play Connect Four Against Learning Opponents
  • 1 Player Mode
  • 2 Player 3D Connect Four Mode
  • The Captain's Mistress Theme
  • Change Your Checker Colors
  • Play Connect Four Online

Although The Captain's Mistress is marketed as a game for kids, there is a surprising amount of depth to The Captain's Mistress that people of all ages can appreciate. It almost goes without saying there is no luck involved in The Captain's Mistress. If you're losing most of your The Captain's Mistress games, you're being outplayed. If all of the columns are filled up but one, and you're forced to place your checker in the remaining column, resulting in a lost game, your skillful The Captain's Mistress opponent probably planned it this way, many moves earlier. Draws are certainly possible, although even between two experienced The Captain's Mistress players they are actually quite rare. The Captain's Mistress is a great game for kids. It forces them to think carefully through the consequences of what both players are attempting to do. As they become more experienced, The Captain's Mistress players begin to look further ahead than just the next turn or two - and this is what makes The Captain's Mistress fun!

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