Anaglyph Workshop: Movie Edition Tutorial

Start by opening the left and right movies. The movies are located in the Tutorial folder.

These movies have some imperfections such as alignment, rotation and starting frame. To fix these issues press the Alignment button. The alignment form uses the Output Options setting for its preview image. It is often easier to correct alignment issues uses a pair of red/blue glasses than it is to see a Side-by-Side or a Top/Bottom out. So before opening the alignment window, pick the pair of glasses that you have.

First, we know that the left movie starts two frames before the right movie. So click the left frame up arrow twice to advance the left movie by two frames.

Next, both the vertical and the horizontal alignment needs to be adjusted. The vertical alignment is off by about 3. And the horizontal alignment is off by about 14. Move the vertical offset slider to 3 and the horizontal offset slider to 14.

When the video was shot, the right camera was slightly tilted. It was tilted by about 2.12 degrees. Use the R Rotation slider to bring the rotation near to 2.12. Then use the up/down arrows to fine tune the rotation to exactly 2.12 degrees.

All of this aligning and rotating has left our preview with some visual artifacts. We could rely on the Auto Crop Offsets feature to clean up the artifacts, but it only works with offsets and we needed to adjust the rotation as well. So choose Manual Scale Only from the popup menu. Then, adjust the scale slider to 110%

Our movies and now aligned, so press the Set button to close the alignment window.

Typically you may want to check the Use Compression checkbox. Without this box being checked, the final movie will be a very large file size. The tutorial videos are small enough that we do not need to check this box.

Now select the Audio tab.

The audio in both of the tutorial movies are mono.

We want to copy the audio tracks from both the left and right movies. We also want to mark the left audio track as left and the right audio track as right.

Choose Both Movies - Mono to L/R from the popup menu.

Now press the Start Conversion button to start creating the 3D movie.



This tutorial Copyright 2014 by Sandy Knoll Software, LLC

Video courtesy of Ulf Brusquini.